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Leaders In
Regenerative Medicine

IV Vitamins / Ozone Therapy
Hormone Optimization
Autoimmune / Gut Health Treatment

NAD Infusions
Are Here!

Boost your energy, metabolism, and brain function with our anti-aging NAD Infusion.
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Reclaim Your Health
From Chronic Illness

Uncover and address the root causes of your health challenges with our practitioner-guided functional health programs.
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Hydrafacial | RF Microneedling
LED Light Therapy | Lymphatic Therapy
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Vital Force
Is Expanding

New location in Florida Coming Soon!

Experience The Difference

At Vital Force Therapy & Wellness we strive for holistic solutions to your medical conditions. We specialize in optimizing your life with regenerative medicine, including: clinically dosed IV infusions, hormone optimization, and functional medicine protocols.

We fully evaluate and treat your hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid/autoimmune diseases, gut disorders, mold toxicities, heart disease, fatigue, and fitness performance with our growth hormone peptides, medical grade supplements, and bio-identical hormone programs through our private compounding pharmacy.

Services We Offer

Hormone Replacement

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Lab Testing

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IV Therapy

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Mold Illness

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Gut Health

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Ozone Therapy

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We offer 24/7 VIP service
for all membership programs

Prescription hormone
treatments and more

Personalized treatment
plans designed by MDs

Custom compound meds
delivered direct to you

24/7 access to Vital Force
doctors anywhere

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